Recon Pro AML-1000

The RECON-PRO is versatile, highly rugged, waterproof and is operational to 3 meters depth. It is very simple to ground balance and offers excellent sensitivity to small targets in diffi cult ground conditions.



Logo Garrett - Recon Pro AML-1000

  • Optimum Detection Sensitivity: Low metal content targets to large metallic items are detected in ALL soils and shallow water with full detection capability.
  • Advanced Pulse Induction Technology: Allows operation in ALL soil conditions (including areas with conductive stones) with minimal and fast adaptation. Use additional fi ne tuning control for extreme soil conditions.
  • No asssembly required: Simply remove from its case and the RECON-PRO is ready for operation!
  • Simple Control Design: Operational controls are designed for simple function initiations.
  • Operators can quickly set up the RECON-PRO as required and fully concentrate on detection tasks.
  • Sensitivity Control: Operators may select a sensitivity setting (7 preset levels) to suit their search requirements.