MT 5500

WalkThrough Metal Detector

The Garrett MT 5500 is is a popular walkthrough metal detector because it provides maximum throughput with exceptional multidimensional scanninig. The MT 5500 meets the demanding needs of security professionals worldwide who trust its ability to maintain patron flow rate with minimal alarms.



Garrett Metal Detectors

  • Multi-dimensional scanning indicates whether a metal target is located on the left, right or center of
    the archway.
  • Uniform detection field eliminates “hot spots.”
  • 20 standard programs for security application versatility.
  • Microprocessor technology in detection and control circuitry. Maximum of 200 distinct sensitivity levels.
  • Overhead control unit: LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph and control touchpads—plus all wiring,
    connections and electronics—are integrated into a single overhead compartment to eliminate exposure
    of wires and the external control box.
  • Tamper proof settings through computerized access codes.
  • Three levels of ankle boost sensitivity.
  • Self diagnostic program: complete and automatic.
  • Multiple coil design minimizes false alarms.
  • Rugged, lightweight design for simple maintenance and easy portability.
  • Meets Electrical Safety and Compatibilty Requirements for CE, FCC, CSA, IEC, ICNIRP and IEEE.